4 Marketing Strategies That Help Grow Your Business

A growing business may turn out to be a more profitable one as it attracts more customers. A larger company is also better capable of handling increased customer workload. Since growth won’t happen without effort, a solid marketing strategy may greatly help the cause of growing an enterprise. These four points show just how marketing supports growth.

Social Media

Social media platforms deliver many benefits. It becomes difficult to list them all. A company without a social media presence won’t connect with a massive customer base. Digital Doughnut suggests that a business owner who establishes profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr garners a large amount of free marketing. Yes, there are paid advertising components on social media platforms. Paying for ads has value, but a business on a budget may discover the free side of social media provides reliable promotional capabilities.

On social media, you can share information about your business such as sales, promotions, events, anniversaries, and more. You could even share “fun” news and informational content. Through a social media platform, your business comes alive. Social media also allows proprietors to interact directly with customers, which has its positives as well.


Customers don’t want to deal with a business that might burn them. Many customers won’t take a business’ advertising content to heart. They wisely approach marketing material with skepticism. Scores of customers put more faith in customer reviews. Reviews often tell an honest tale about what to expect from a business.

Podium explains that a vast majority of people (84% to be exact) trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends as long as they meet certain criteria like authenticity, is in the right industry, or you have multiple reviews on a site like Google. Reviews like Google reviews are important because they carry credibility. Reviews featured on a prominent platform carry weight. Give customers what they want. Listen to feedback and make appropriate changes. This way, your business gets better reviews and, hopefully, more customers.

Attend Community Events

Local governments may sponsor block parties or other community events. These events feature free entertainment and activities for the public. Businesses are commonly invited to participate. Participation gives a business an opportunity to connect with new customers. Participation in community or charity events comes with minimal costs. EventBrite explains that sponsors who invest in events want to increase brand visibility, targeted marketing, consumer perception, community goodwill and more! Businesses interested in growing might worry about spending too much on promotional ventures.

Community events won’t stress a budget as they come with minimal costs for participation. Transporting and setting up a stand, for example, might be all the business has to do.

Invest in Promotional Materials

ePromos recommends using bags, hats, T-shirts, pens, water bottles, coffee cups, and more bearing your company’s name, logo, and slogan could reap huge rewards. People display those promotional items to other people during their travels. Even placing a coffee cup on a desk at work helps the promotional cause.

At one time, this form of advertising was expensive. Less-costly options do exist today. Internet services offer means of ordering and shipping custom promotional items. Finding a good deal on the merchandise shouldn’t be too difficult. Keep just enough in stock to make sure the merchandise has an impact.

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