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5 Things to Remember When Starting Your E-commerce Website

When you mention e-commerce, most people think of the big and global retailers. However, any site that is selling goods or services is an e-commerce site. So, an online store does not have to be laden with thousands of products for it to qualify as an e-commerce site. Before you launch your business, there are things that you need to put in place. They will help you cover the essential aspects of the process. However, you cannot stop at this list. Go through other crucial things before you can effectively launch your business.

Optimize Your Website for SEO

Any business out there is as good as its marketing strategy. Deciding on the domain, hosting, and site maintenance is of utmost importance. The choice is between hosted or custom web hosting. Custom web hosting can work through cloud computing. Alternatively, you can host the whole website through a SaaS platform. Never launch your site before you have entirely built it. It can be a bad image.

Your site will rely heavily on organic search from search engines and social media to land customers. To benefit from that traffic, you will need to stand out. Search engines rely exclusively on website optimization to rank pages. If you are selling your products through online retail stores, like Amazon, your product page requires its own SEO strategy and optimization.You must ensure that your site is ready to benefit from the online traffic. The tricks include on-site and off-site optimization.

Cover All the Bases Regarding Strategy

It starts with a business plan. Businesses don’t just explode into life. It takes an effort to get them there. In entrepreneurship, the business plan is integral to any idea. It separates hunches from real opportunities. It lets you explore the project in depth from setting it up, staffing, finance, management, operations, and so on. You cannot leave out anything out of the plan.

Of critical concern is the strategy to go to market. A good plan will also show how you will sustain growth. If you are an online business, get paid online, too. An online payment platform that accepts and processes credit cards, online payments, and even cryptocurrencies is imperative. Customer payment information is private. You also need a protocol of handling that.

Invest In an Easy User Interface for Customers

Designs for customer portals should follow human behavioral psychology. The systematic and straightforward model always works. Millions of customers use their smartphones to search for products and services. Optimize your user interface (UI) for mobile.

The customer will not follow 100 steps when checking out. If your check out process is too complex, you will have tons of abandoned orders. Your check out should not exceed five steps. Customers should pick products, go to the checkout section, register or log in, go to the payment gateway, and check out. Stretching the customer beyond that will be counterproductive and detrimental to your onboarding process.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

One satisfied customer will keep coming back. He or she will also bring more people to the store. Investing in relationships is imperative. It will guide your growth and learning curve. Every business goes through a learning cycle. You have to learn how to handle complaints, too. A single negative review can dampen your e-commerce dream. However, knowing how to handle that one disgruntled customer can give you limitless confidence in your communication skills. You need a clear plan of how you will handle communication, which will come from multiple channels including social media. You need to manage that, too.

It is essential have continued contact with customers after that initial purchase. With constant communication, you are better able to tailor to their needs. If they want coupons, discount codes, or other promotional media mailed to them, or if they’d prefer not to. You are better able to help customers in this way.

Invest In Order Fulfillment

List prices, packaging, shipping and handling returns and failed deliveries is just the beginning. You must carefully choose how you will deal with list prices. If you include shipping costs in list prices, expect customer concerns. You must get this balancing act right before you progress. Your product packaging is just as important as your product.

Test your product thoroughly before going to market. After all, you don’t want to have to deal with issues like chargebacks and deductions. Plus, it has to be perfect if you want the customer to enjoy your services. It takes a lot of effort to win a customer. Convincing a customer to return is about satisfying the need and buying into the experience of the company. It will cost you much less to bring him or her back as a return customer.


A great business plan, a good strategy, the resources, and perfect execution are integral to making a successful online store. Entrepreneurs must invest wisely in SEO, marketing, inventory, CRM, and UI. You must also invest in other aspects of business such as registration, taxation, and human resources.