Five Ways Your Email is Missing the Mark (and How to Fix It)

The sad truth is that email marketing has acquired a bad reputation lately; however, it is still an extremely effective way of bringing in new customers, especially for small businesses. Many customers prefer email to other forms of communication. Along with its effectiveness, email marketing is also relatively inexpensive when compared to other marketing methods.

It is important to remember that most of the emails that your potential customers are getting is likely to be spam. They are used to deleting unwanted promotional emails quickly. If your email does not appeal to them, they will ignore it or send it to the spam folder. Here are some of the ways that your marketing emails may be missing the mark along with some suggestions for correcting them:

1. Unappealing Subject Line
Many of your recipients will decide whether or not they want to read the message based solely on the subject line. Keep in mind that this is the first thing that the recipient will see and will help to influence their opinion of the rest of the message. A good subject line will help your email to stand out from everything else in their crowded inbox. The ideal subject line is concise while providing information on the contents of the email. 

2. Your Email is Not Optimized for Viewing on a Mobile Device
A significant number of your recipients will open your email on a smartphone or tablet. Most of the recipients in that group will delete your email if they have a hard time reading it. An email that is designed to be read on a computer will probably not look good on a mobile screen. Make your content easy to read on a small screen by using bulleted lists, short paragraphs and short sentences. Put the most important information at the start of the email. If you bury it in the body, a user who is on the go may be distracted before they can get to it. 

3. You Do Not Have a Consistent Schedule for Your Emails
Sending frequency is one of the most important factors in an email campaign’s success. When you send your emails out consistently, you are more likely to be recognized. If you are recognized and your emails contain valuable information, recipients are more likely to open them and less likely to send them to the spam folder. Those subscribers who open your emails and click on links and who then convert to customers are the ones that you should send to more frequently. 

4. They are Not Interested in Your Content
This may be because your content is not relevant to them. Avoid one-size-fits-all messages. Before you send emails, make sure that they are targeted to those who will be interested in your content. Untargeted emails will see diminishing returns and a poor rate of opens, clicks and conversions. They will also see a high rate of recipients unsubscribing. Get to know your recipients and consider categorizing your mailing list so that you can send targeted emails to each category. Also, vary your content to keep it fresh. Sending out the same thing time after time can cause your audience to perceive it as stale. 

5. Have a Clear Call to Action
Make sure that your call to action is clear to the recipient without them having to scroll. Whether you want them to click on a link or respond to an invitation, the action that you want them to take should be obvious.

Aubrey Moulton is a writer for and has over eight years of SEO experience. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and spending time with her nieces.