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Conversation is Important for Social Media Marketing

Businesses “Do” Social Media

Build a Facebook Page, set up a Twitter account, create a YouTube channel and make a LinkedIn profile. These (along with several other sites) are the things that businesses (small and large) are told they should do to start their social media marketing – and they do. Somewhere along the way companies missed the essence of social media. Companies are really great at advertising – that is, they are really great at shouting “look at me, look at me,” but social media was created as a platform for people to interact. So often we hear jargon like “engage on social media” tossed around marketing meetings, but what does that mean? I’m here to tell you that it’s really something simple – have a conversation.

Recently, I saw a Facebook Page owned by a local business and noticed a post comment left by a potential customer. Sadly, that business never acknowledges the comment – effectively ignoring the person. This example is the equivalent of walking into a room telling a really neat story about your day, and then when you are asked a question about your story – you completely stop talking. We assume (incorrectly) that people won’t be offended because our brand’s story is being told in cyberspace.

Get Social about Social Media Marketing

You can’t shout into the void all the time and expect to see any “engagement” on social media. Participation in the conversation is a must. Certainly post things that people find interesting and post important promotions, but also interact socially when people respond to your posts. Social media can prove to be a daunting task for some businesses. The time commitment can be too much, some businesses don’t know how to respond to disgruntled customers, and others think that constantly talking (never listening or responding) is “good enough” for their business. To truly leverage the power of social media – you have to interact with people and exploit the nuances of each platform. Each social media channel has a personality and community that is unique.

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