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full-scale solutions

Department 14 is a full-scale digital marketing agency and provides comprehensive internet marketing services and creative solutions for our clients. We have a team of talented, SEO specialists, marketing strategists, inbound marketing professionals, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, copywriters, coders, and project managers to deliver outstanding, measurable, results for our clients. Our services are comprehensive and together we can help your business achieve your marketing goals with higher ROI and more efficiency than most in-house teams.

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inbound marketing

Here’s the truth about the direction marketing is going– the most powerful sources for generating leads are all content-focused: social media posts, blogs, SEO, and email marketing. These content-focused channels are the basis for Inbound Marketing.

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web design

Great web design is not just important, it is necessary. It is important for your website to look great and work great for the people that visit your corner of the web. Work with Department 14 Marketing and we’ll set your next web design project on the path to success.

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ecommerce setup

We’re proud to be partners with some of the greatest names in eCommerce platform solutions. If you are considering a move to eCommerce for your business, now is the time to make it happen. eCommerce solutions can be complex, time-consuming, and costly (if not well researched), let us help ensure your business gets started in eCommerce with the right solution for your business.

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content creation

From blog posts to authority articles, optimized press releases, videos, photos and overall optimized copy for your whole site – we can help with content creation that will tell your company’s unique story and engage your prospective customers.

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seo management

Department 14 provides comprehensive and wide-ranging SEO Services for clients with nearly any budget. We follow industry best practices to ensure that your site ranks for the keywords that are best for your site. Our team is dedicated to staying apprised of the latest search engine algorithms to better serve our clients. 

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strategy consultation

This isn’t rocket science, but it might feel like it. If you’ve never developed a marketing strategy from scratch, you might spend a lot of time scratching your head. Strategy is what we live for. Developing a robust marketing strategy is a fairly straightforward process and we can help you on on hourly basis. Implementing that strategy is usually where our clients need the most assistance.

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graphicS design

We’re proud to have some of the best and most creative designers around. Members of our team have worked on design projects that range from small customized business cards to giant billboards that skinned the side of a skyscraper. We’re here to help with your next graphics design project.

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ad Management

Budgeting for your business’s advertising is vitally important. If you make an advertising budget and stick to it – you’ll be less likely to buy unnecessary advertising. We work with our clients to understand their advertising needs, then build a comprehensive budget and secure media placements on their behalf.